Surrey/Berkshire/Middlesex Soccerschools in Easter/May 2011

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  Sun, Nov 5 United Kingdom Eel Brook Common
Matchday Session
Year of Birth: 4-10 Course Code: L-MAT6-1718 Price (Full Course): GBP5.00
Details: Matchday Coaching for 4-10 year olds: 10.30-11.30 am
  Sat, Dec 2 United Kingdom Eel Brook Common
Matchday Session
Year of Birth: 4-10 Course Code: L-MAT7-1718 Price (Full Course): GBP5.00
Details: Matchday Coaching for 4-10 year olds: 10.30-11.30 am
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Available Courses
Mini Kickers
Our mini kicker courses are a fun introduction to our fabulous game, learning through play but at the same time incorporating social interaction with their peers. Techniques, skills and rules of the game are introduced at a 'low key' level but our ultimate aim is for the children to have fun whilst in our care. Building a solid foundation is paramount to our programme to enable our young players to happily make the transition to our soccer schools when the time is right. Mini kickers' courses are available to boys and girls aged 3-5 years old and are specifically designed for beginners.
Soccer Schools
Soccer schools are a great way for boys and girls to progress within the game. Players will experience fun educational sessions which are aimed to enhance their natural development but at the same time improve skills and techniques. Sessions are grouped by age bands of approximately 2/3 years but should players excel or require further work within a band our highly trained coaches are on hand to recognise grouping requirements. A typical day is divided into 2 parts; players train and practice technical work during the morning session and the afternoon session incorporates small sided games and mini tournaments to encourage team play, so if your child isn't going with friends they'll be sure to come away with new ones. Courses are progressive and content is devised to enable players to develop and advance. Soccer School courses are available to boys and girls of all abilities aged 5-15 years old.
Advanced courses are designed for those players whose fitness is at a higher level and team train and play on a regular basis; the sessions are more intense and stretch the individual using challenging technical and training drills whilst incorporating individual and team roles and responsibilities. Players who excel at advanced level may have the opportunity to join our invitation only sessions. Advanced courses are available for boys and girls of an advanced level aged 7-15 years old.
Goalkeeping courses teach players those additional vital skills such as handling, footwork, distribution which can be overlooked when training as part of a team. Our goalkeeping courses are specialised and we work in smaller groups to enhance development and therefore fitness levels should be of a high standard. Goalkeepers train independently to our soccer schools but come together during afternoon sessions enabling players to put techniques into practice. Goalkeeping courses available for boys and girls of all abilities aged 7-15 years old.
Advanced Goalkeeping
Advanced goalkeeping courses work on the same basis as standard goalkeeping but sessions are designed to meet the requirements of senior and advanced goalkeepers who require further technical detail incorporated into their training to aid progression and development. Advanced sessions are physically and technically challenging and we recommend that players be of a high standard of both fitness and ability. Goalkeepers who attend these sessions may have the opportunity to attend our invitation only sessions. Advanced Goalkeeping courses available to boys and girls of an advanced level aged 9-15 years old.
Saturday Morning Clubs
Saturday Morning Clubs and leisure centre programmes are available to players who want to train and keep fit during term time. We offer a variety of courses ranging from mini kickers, intermediate and advanced sessions. We also run Saturday morning pay and play sessions for those of you who are unable to commit to the structure of course. In addition to these courses, we have recently introduced girls only training sessions. Please contact your local Foundation office for details of programmes running in your area.
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Unfortunately parents are not able to remain on site for activities at the training ground. We also forbid the use of still and video cameras, other than by official club photographers who are authorised by Chelsea Football Club. Any unauthorised persons taking photographs or video filming will be asked to leave the premises.
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